Sunday, January 16, 2022

Fallen Events January 17 - 23

 Monday Jan 17

6pm Dressed For Sin With DJ River
8pm Naturally Naked At The Beach With DJ Stag

Tuesday Jan 18

6pm Tittie Tuesday At The Beach With DJ Stag
8pm Top Hats & Butt Plugs With DJ Foxy

Wednesday Jan 19

4pm Eye Candy With DJ Eternatee
6pm Happy Humpday With DJ Apocalypse
8pm Wet N Wild At The Beach With DJ Foxy

Thursday Jan 20

4pm Get Ink'd With DJ Wind
6pm Playboys & Bunnies With DJ Apocalypse
8pm Bare Necessities At The Beach With DJ Daria

Friday Jan 21

4pm TGIF At The Beach With DJ Apocalypse
6pm Back In Black With DJ Jade
8pm Panties, Bras & Boxers With DJ Daria

Saturday Jan 22

6pm Rip It Up With DJ Diezel
8pm Sexy Saturday With DJ River - L$1000 Contest!

Sunday Jan 23

6pm Bathing Suits & Bananas At The Beach With the Crazy Monkey
8pm Anything Goes With DJ River

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Fallen Events June 19 - 25

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