Monday, February 15, 2021

February 15 - 21 Events

 Monday Feb 15

4pm  Manic Mondays With Lady D
6pm  Bonus Bouncies With DJ Stag
8pm  Naturally Naked With DJ Galileo

Tues Feb 16

4pm    Bouncy Bouncies With DJ Stag
6pm    Tittie Tuesday With DJ Angel
8pm    Teacher's Pet With DJ River

Wed Feb 17

6pm  Happy Humpday With DJ Angel
8pm  Bouncy Bouncies With DJ Stag

Thurs Feb 18

6pm  Daring Ditties with DJ Daria
8pm  Dark Desires With DJ Galileo

Friday Feb 19

6pm   Rock N Roll All Night With DJ Yannis
8pm   Naked Friday With DJ Daria
10pm  Bathtime Fun With DJ Temptation

Saturday Feb 20

6pm  Heavenly Hits With DJ Angel
8pm  Sexy Saturday With DJ Yannis - L$1000 CASH PRIZE!

Sun Feb 21

6pm  Simian Sunday With the Crazy Monkey
8pm  Anything Goes With DJ River

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