Monday, June 13, 2022

Fallen Events June 13 - 19


Monday June 13

6pm Bad Boyz & Skool Gurls With DJ Sydney
8pm Naurally Naked With DJ Stag

Tuesday June 14

6pm Tittie Tuesday With Pride With DJ Foxy
8pm Genies & Harems With DJ Stag

Wednesday June 15

4pm Denim & Diamonds With DJ Geo
6pm Happy Humpday With DJ Foxy
8pm Pride Week - Kinky Boots With DJ Stag

Thursday June 16

4pm Slinky Kinky With DJ Ava
6pm 2 Things With DJ Geo
8pm Pride Week - Taste The Rainbow With DJ Daria

Friday June 17

4pm TGIF With DJ Ava
6pm Pride Week - Loud & Proud With DJ Geo
8pm The Bare Necessities With DJ Daria

Saturday June 18

6pm Pride Week - Absolutely Fabulous With DJ Nadeera
8pm Sexy Saturday With DJ River - L$1000 Contest!!

Sunday June 19

4pm Sci - Fi Extravaganza With DJ Vixy
6pm Who's Your Daddy With The Crazy Monkey
8pm Anything Goes With DJ River

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Fallen Events June 19 - 25

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