Monday, September 27, 2021

Fallen Events September 27 - October 3

 Monday Sept 27

6pm  80s Flashback With DJ River
8pm  Naturally Naked With DJ Stag

Tuesday Sept 28

6pm Tittie Tuesday With DJ Stag
8pm  Obvious Ostentation With DJ Foxy

Wednesday Sept 29

4pm  Less Is More With DJ Stag
6pm  Happy Humpday With DJ Ronin Storm
8pm  Sexy Shirts & Undies With DJ Foxy

Thursday Sept 30

4pm  Show Us Your Holes With DJ Apocalypse
6pm  Rubber & Latex With DJ Chibi
8pm  Naughty Lingerie With DJ Daria

Friday Oct 1

4pm  TGIF With DJ Apocalypse
6pm  Pimps & Hookers With DJ Chibi
8pm  Dark Desires With DJ Daria

Saturday Oct 2

6pm  Sacrificial Lambs With DJ Foxy
8pm  Sexy Saturday With DJ River - L$1000 Contest!!

Sunday Oct 3

6pm  TBA With The Crazy Monkey
8pm  Anything Goes With DJ River

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