Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fallen Events June 20 - 26

 Sunday June 20

4pm Classy or Trashy With DJ Angel
6pm The Funny Farm With the Crazy Monkey
8pm Anything Goes With DJ River

Monday June 21

4pm 3-Ring Circus With DJ Jayrenn
6pm Wings N Things With DJ Apocalypse
8pm Naturally Naked With DJ Stag

Tuesday June 22

4pm We're Going Plaid With DJ Stag
6pm Tittie Tuesday With DJ Evil
8pm Purple Passion With DJ River

Wednesday June 23

4pm Sexy Songs With DJ Stormy
6pm Happy Humpday With DJ Gem
8pm Kinky Karnival With DJ Evil

Thursday June 24

4pm Flying Furries With DJ Apocalypse
6pm Barely There With DJ Angel
8pm CEO's & Office Ho's With DJ Daria

Friday June 25

4pm TGIF With DJ Sara
6pm Chapped Cheeks With DJ Angel
8pm Fallen Private Function

Saturday June 26

4pm Devil Inside With DJ Sara
6pm Eye Candy With DJ Evil
8pm Sexy Latex Saturday With DJ River - Sponsored By Hugo's Latex Design!

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Fallen Events June 19 - 25

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