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About Fallen

Fallen Angels BDSM Club opened in Second Life in 2007, with the intention of providing a safe and fun environment for persons interested in the Lifestyle. ​

We are a BDSM and Kink-friendly, Lifestyle club, open to persons aged 18 and older. We are located on Crystal Cove II, an adult, private SIM in Second Life. ​

Fallen is currently owned by Yannis Boucher, and His submissive, River Boucher (Abonwood). ​

Our events run from noon SLT to midnight SLT every day. Traffic averages between 18,000 and 25,000 daily. Fallen boasts play rooms, a dungeon, an adult skybox, the Kinky Beach and a bowling alley, as well as the submissive garden, a beautifully landscaped garden at ground level, and the Upper Floor, for it's 7,000+ members. ​

In addition to Fallen Angels BDSM Club, Crystal Cove II also boasts a residential area for those who wish to live on an adult, kink-friendly SIM. Please see our Residential page for more details.

Visit Us At The Club in World - We Look Forward To Seeing You There! 

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Fallen Angels BDSM Club is an Adult Orientated Club for Persons 18 years or older within Second Life®
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